The Dynamic of Making International Peace Through Multilateral Diplomacy; Reflection for The 78th United Nations Birthday Celebration

Moehammad Amar Ma’ruf, Alumni of Middle East Studies Batch 2- University of Indonesia (photo: special)

Personal Opinion of Moehammad Amar Ma’ruf, Alumni of Middle East Studies Batch 2- University of Indonesia

On October 24, the United Nations as the largest international organizations will shortly celebrate it’s the 78th anniversary. The moment of celebration becomes such an awaited-time to show more charismatic posture of the UN performance itself before the international public where their states are members.

During the establishment of the UN, It seems this expectation find dynamic. The world communities still witness ongoing misery portrait on world security and climate crises. Some observers say it happens due to incapability of anticipating potential conflict by the Big Five of the UN Security Council/UNSC as the holder Veto Right. This criticism also heard from the Secretary General of the UN itself as he sounds the majority voice of UN members, especially from developing countries, in the form of UN reformation, including UNSC reformation.

The members of the UN with its organs are believed to be able to formulate and conduct any resolutions as the norm product of international deliberation. It is usually find the dynamic toward the unpopular resolution proposed on international security meetings. This resolution proposal frequently be undermined by the unilateral veto from one of the big five permanent members of the UN Security Council under their unilateral interests. Meanwhile, the way to persuade and fight for the interests of  other non-Big Five countries as representing  for other UN members  be channeled by the representative of  Non-Permanent members of the UNSC  seems coloring the sense of democratization of the UNSC itself. 

Still, for that, a big question always arises once the Wars happen. The Wars settlement always invites the interests of the Big Five based on their geostrategic interests. For example the settlement of War between Russia and Ukraine; the Conflict in the Middle East; and conflict between Palestinian and Israel never enough to be settled under the of UN fora. The case is always considered as the ownership of the Big Five permanent members in which its cases never be settled multilaterally. For the case of Palestinian and Israeli, the world sees the effort to organize process use many tracks in fact, the issues is still there and even unfinished.

For this situation multilateral diplomacy is only seems to become Lobbying Fora where any members country give their national statement and conduct their approaches to other member countries that actually should be guarded with series of technical program. This approach needs proper preparation with other technical stakeholders in their national level in order to prepare some technical program which its process and target must be realistic with their national interests and the UN charter itself. 

In case of Arm Conflict/War, any permanent and non-permanent members of UNSC may propose to form peace keeping mission under the resolution of the UN Security Council/UNSC. The Security Council has a vital role in securing this commitment and cooperation, while providing missions with realistic and clear mandates. Peacekeepers protect civilians, actively prevent conflict, reduce violence, strengthen security and empower national authorities to assume these responsibilities. Meanwhile the activities also consist of conflict prevention and mediation;     peacemaking;   peace enforcement and peace building. There are at least 8 (eight) UN Peace Keeping Mission such as MINUSCA (Central African Republican) with 16.960 troops; UNMISS (South Sudan) with 15.365 troops; MONUSCO (Republic Democratic of the Congo) with 14.641 troops; MINUSMA (Mali) with 13358 troops; UNIFIL (Lebanon) with 9.282 troops; UNISFA (Sudan, South Sudan) with 3.045 troops; UNDOF (Israel, Syria) with 1.123 troops; and UNFICYP (Cyprus) with 865 troops. For this target, this effort needs very intents lobbying among members of UNSC, commitment, collaboration and coordination in their national level and international level, including with the Secretariat of the UN.

It is surely urgent to respect all related resolution that have been adopted to settle the crises not only relating to Palestinian and Israeli but also to others conflict solution process. In case of Palestinian –Israel issue, proposal to apply a two-state solution and returning the right of Palestinian that being occupied by Israeli must be conducted and guarded.  While this peace resolution and the proposal there, the possibility to deploy more broader mission (Peace Keeping or Making Mission to do conflict prevention and mediation; peacemaking; peace enforcement and peace building) must be strengthened in order to give the right of Palestinian as being stated in the agreed resolution achieved. It is quite appreciated if the UN Peace Keeping Mission in Syria is also arranged also for giving humanitarian for Palestinian. If it is necessary, the Peace Keeping mission is mandated mainly for Palestinian and Israel to be strengthened for optimizing their rule and function.

It is admitted that the above approached is not the only way resulted from Multilateral Diplomacy to settle the issue. It is admitted that many positive activities as the product of multilateral approached have been taken for conflict resolution especially for public interests and utility. Considering the ongoing arm conflict usually threat to the life of public, the UNSC must act immediately to anticipate other falling victims from innocent peoples. For that the presence of Peace Making and Keeping Mission is urgently needed.

In case the deployment is chosen by the UN for the issue of Palestinian and Israel peace process, it may open opportunity for all member of the UN to contribute their capacity in sending their Troops and equipment based on existing regulation and mechanism accordingly. For Indonesia, as a country who’s the experience sending the Troops is not the first. Indonesia may have a proper experience to share with other members or may be joining with other international troops to be deployed. It is an honor to uphold the UN Charter that promotes peace and security by respecting humanity values.

This achievement of UN participation may also upgrade the performance of UN before the world community. As the highest international body that being mandated legally for making and keeping peace in the world, the UN represent the voice of humanity. This effort is also in line with the UN world agenda, namely to include everyone in every step of inclusive development under its sustainable development program. It is also hoped that other International Organizations (Non-UN) support this collaborative action for the benefit of human being and environment. (AK/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)