Netanyahu Threatens Large-Scale Military Operations to Gaza

Jerusalem, MINA – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday again issued a threat to carry out large-scale military operations in Gaza.

In his speech delivered by Netanyahu in the editorial conference of “McCorm Rishon” newspaper in occupied Jerusalem he said that there would be no settlement in the Gaza Strip as long as rocket fire was still there.

“If we are forced, we will go into major operations in Gaza, there will be no settlement if the shooting does not stop permanently, and if it does not stop, we will carry out a settlement process, and they get a sample in the sector a few weeks ago,” he said as quoted by Safa.

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Netanyahu alludes to the annexation of Palestinian Valley by saying that he is in contact with the American government in this matter, “This is the time to annex the Jordan Valley and complete other settlements in the West Bank inside and outside large blocks,” he stressed.

Netanyahu also stressed that all settlements would be annexed to Israel.

Regarding the efforts to form an Israeli government, which remained at the end of the three-day deadline, Netanyahu called on White-Blue Alliance leader Benny Gantz to remove obstacles to form a unity government, or at least agree to change the way the prime minister is elected by direct election of settlers.

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Israel has blockaded Gaza since 2007 which has caused Gaza’s economic conditions to be worsen. Israel has also killed thousands of Gazans through bombs dropped on civilians, schools, mosques, and other public facilities under the pretext of defending themselves. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)