Mass of May 22 Action and Police Breakfasting Together

Demonstrators are in front of the Bawaslu office on Jalan MH Thamrin in Central Jakarta breaking the fast with Brimob forces on Tuesday, ( MANTALEAN)

Jakarta, MINA – Masses against the results of Indonesian Election Recapitulation 2019 and police who guard Indonesian Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) conducted break fast together at Sarinah building yard, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

In addition to breaking the fast together, masses and police also performed evening prayers in congregation.

Even though they break in their respective groups and do not mingle with each other, there is no tension between the two.

Several times mass of action and police greeted each other warmly when breaking the fast. “Congratulations on breaking the fast,” said one of the participants in the action, while police returned the greeting, “thank you man”.

In front of Bawaslu, mass of action and police also broke their fast but were partitioned with barbed wire. Some participants of the action brought provisions in the form of snacks, there were also parties who distributed free food to them.

Hundreds of Indonesian Nasional Army (TNI) personnels also distributed food and mineral water to the participants of May 22 demonstration. They finished breakfasting and praying together.

Until now the mass of action has not dissolved. The friction between mass action and security officers had occurred, but it could be immediately muted by both parties.

Security forces still tolerate the completion of tarawih prayer, for mass action in front of Bawaslu building. Security forces hope the masses will disband themselves in an orderly manner, because the deadline for demonstration has ended. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)