Maemuna Center Opens Donation Ramadhan Package for Gaza 

Cileungsi, MINA – The women struggle for Al-Aqsa and Palestine, Maemuna Center (Mae_C), open donation a Ramadhan package for citizens of Gaza, Palestine.

“On Ramadhan 1442 Mae_C open opportunity for brothers to compete to provide assistance for our brothers in Palestine as an effort to help their logistics so that they can live Ramadhan well and happily, especially for poor families and orphans, “said the Chairman. General Mae_C Fitria Mukti Asih to MINA, April 22.

According to Fitri, remember situation in Gaza very difficult, which is still blockaded, and everything is controlled by Israel.

The aid packages that will be sent are in the form of food parcel, energy aid package (gas), and childrens toys and THR packages.

Fitri invited the citizen to set aside some of their rizki by increasing the amount of alms for Ramadan and giving it through Mae_C.

“Hopefully is that even though the Mae_C movement may be that for global calculations there is still very little effort to help Gaza, hopefully this small one will provide great benefits for them, be meaningful for them, encourage them to continue to survive and continue to fight for the liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and independence. Palestine, the independence of their homeland, ”said Fitri.

Citizen doing best infaq can transfers to the Indonesian Sharia Bank Account (BSI) – (451) 745-778899-6. Al Aqsa Haqquna Foundation and confirmed to the telephone number 0811-2662-119 (Maemuna Center).

Mae-C is the women struggle for Al-Aqsa and Palestine, under the auspices Aqsa Working Group (AWG). The name Maemuna itself is taken from Maemuna, the only sahabiah who narrated a hadits about Al-Quds. (T/Hju/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)