Experts: Biden’s Visit Just a Formality, the Target is Israel-Saudi Normalization

Photo: Screenshot of Palinfo

Gaza, MINA – Political experts have called the visit of US President Joe Biden to the region a “marginal formality” whose goal is to normalize Israel’s relations with Saudi Arabia, Palinfo reported Thursday.

In a political forum organized by the Council on International Relations, they said Biden’s admission of the ineffectiveness of the two-state solution was just a no-credit check for the Palestinians, while he would sign billions in aid, technical and scientific agreements in Israel.

Author, political analyst and head of the Masarat Center, Hani al-Masry, said Biden’s program of visits included visits to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and the Makassed Hospital, which was proof that “the visits were formalistic and marginal and had no impact on the Palestinian Issue.

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Al-Masry stated that Biden wanted to integrate the Israeli occupation entity into the Arab region at the expense of the Palestinian issue. I stated that the issue was basically not on the agenda and recommended an Israeli solution by skipping the Palestinians and their rights.

Al-Masry said Biden wanted to promote the Democratic Party in the interests of the US, at the same time suppressing the Palestinian issue, siding with Israel and cutting the path to a new world order in all these steps together.

He emphasized that the Arab regime’s meeting with the Washington administration was dominated by personal demands, such as Riyadh’s demand that Washington recognize the sovereignty of the Saudi Crown Prince, while ignoring the Palestinian issue.

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Meanwhile, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University Hassan Nafaa said that basically the purpose of this visit was Saudi Arabia, after he declared it an outcast country after the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. He said the visit included an implicit confession from the Saudi crown prince, who had refused to meet him several times before.

Nafaa sees that what Saudi Arabia needs is to participate effectively in integrating “Israel” with the Arab world and further promote oil in the context of the oil crisis caused by the Ukraine-Russia war.

He said Egypt had not regained its Arab role so far, given its position on the Palestinian issue was not high on Cairo’s agenda. Nafa said attention was now turning to Riyadh rather than Cairo. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)