Decline in Fertility Rate among Palestinians, Says Statistics Bureau


PCBS reports Palestinian population


Ramallah, 30 Rabiul Awwal 143/30 December (MINA) – The total fertility rate among the Palestinian people declined during 2011-2013 to 4.1 births compared to 5.9 births in 1999, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) said on Thursday.

PCBS said in the Gaza Strip the rate was 4.5 births compared to 3.7 births in the West Bank during 2011-2013.

The crude birth rate was 30.9 births for every 1000 of population in State of Palestine during 2016: 28.5 in the West Bank compared to 35.8 in Gaza Strip. The crude death rate was 3.5 deaths for every 1000 of population in State of Palestine for the same period: 3.7 in the West Bank compared to 3.3 in Gaza Strip.

The total fertility rate for the Palestinian women living in Jordan was 3.3 births in 2010 compared to 2.5 in Syria in 2010 and 2.8 in Lebanon in 2011, Palestinian News & Information Agency, WAFA, reported, citing the PCBS figures.

“The total fertility rate for the Palestinian and Israeli women in Israel reached 3.13 births per woman in 2015. The data also showed that the average Palestinian household size was 4.6 persons and the crude birth rate was 23.6 per 1000 of total population,” it noted.

According to the PCBS report, the projected number of Palestinians in the world is 12.7 million, of whom 4.88 million are in State of Palestine, 1.53 million in Israel, 5.59 million in Arab countries and around 696,000 in foreign countries.

The projected number of Palestinians living in State of Palestine at the end of 2016 is 4.88 million: around 2.97 million reside in the West Bank and 1.91 million in Gaza Strip. Palestinian refugees make up 41.9 per cent of the Palestinian population in the State of Palestine: 26.0 per cent in the West Bank and 66.7 per cent in Gaza Strip. (T/RS05/RS01)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency(MINA)