AWG Holds Palestinian Solidarity Peace Action in Jakarta

Jakarta, MINAN – Aqsa Working Group (AWG) carried out a solidarity action for Palestine by holding a long march to the raising of Indonesian and Palestinian flags and delivering orations and poetry at the Palestinian Embassy Office in Jakarta on Monday.

In the peaceful action, the AWG condemned the special meeting of the Cabinet of the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu which was held Sunday to commemorate “Jerusalem Day” at an archaeological site near the main area of ​​the Wailing Wall, which is the area of ​​Al-Aqsa Mosque, site the third holiest place for Muslims.

Since Israel seized the area in 1967, Jews have been allowed to enter, but not to worship there. On that occasion, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirmed his claim to all of Jerusalem, which he views as the eternal and undivided capital.

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The peaceful action was held by holding the Palestine Solidarity Long March, starting from the Proclamation Monument to the Palestinian Embassy in Jakarta.

While the peak of the action was assembled with the raising of Indonesian and Palestinian flags, as well as delivery of speeches, and poetry readings on the Courtyard of the Palestinian Embassy in Jakarta.

Also present to deliver remarks, namely the Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia, Dr. Zuhair SM Al-Shun, KH. Yakhsyallah Mansur, M.A (Main Advisor of the Aqsa Working Group), and Ambassador Bunyan Saptomo (Chairman of the MUI Commission on Foreign Relations and International Cooperation).

While the speech and reading of AWG’s statement will be delivered by Muhammad Anshorullah, Presidium of the Aqsa Working Group (AWG).

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Apart from that, dr. Sarbini Abdul Murad; MER-C Presidium, Astrid Nadya Rizqita, President of OIC Youth Indonesia; Onny Firyanti Hamidy, Head of the Maemuna Center; Ali Farhan Tsani, Al-Quds Ambassador; Sakuri., SH., Trustee of Ukhuwah Al-Fatah Rescue (UAR).

The Aqsa Working Group (AWG) is an institution formed to accommodate and manage the efforts of Muslims to liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

AWG was formed in order to accommodate and manage the efforts of Muslims to liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque and help the struggle of the Palestinian people.

AWG was founded by components of the community who attended the Al-Aqsa International Conference which was held at Wisma Antara on 20 Sha’ban 1429 H/ 21 August 2008 in Jakarta. (T/RE1)

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