Armenian Army Attack Kills One Azerbaijan Soldier at the Border

Ilustration: (photo: special)

Tovuz, MINA – An Azerbaijani soldier was killed in a cross-border attacked by Armenian forces on Monday.

“Sgt Elshan Mammadov Alioglu died in an attack on the border province of Azerbaijan, Tovuz,” the Azerbaijan Defense Ministry said in a statement as quoted by Anadolu Agency (AA) on Tuesday.

The Azerbaijan ministry noted that there had been an increase in tensions and a “serious ceasefire violation” by Armenia.

“The shelling of Azerbaijan public settlements, civilians and infrastructure near the border line, use of caliber weapons, reconnaissance and sabotage activities against military posts, and widespread use of drones exacerbate the situation on the front lines,” the statement added.

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“However, this provocative act has been pushed back and the Armenian side has suffered” heavy losses “, the statement added.

In a special interview with the MINA some time ago, the Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Indonesia Jalal Mirzayev said that the Karabakh region is part of Azerbaijan’s territory in accordance with the UN General Assembly Resolution 14 March 2008.

However, Ambassador Jalal continued, Armenia has publicly hampered efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully. Armenia ignored the demands of the UN Security Council, violated international law, and Armenia refused to withdraw its troops from the territory of Azerbaijan, as a result hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis failed to return to their homelands.

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“Armenia seeks to perpetuate the existing status quo by changing the physical, demographic and cultural characteristics of the occupied territories. These worrying facts have been confirmed by the fact-finding team (OSCE) which consists of fact-finding experts from Poland, Italy, France, Russia, Sweden and Finland, “he said. (T / RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)