A Swedish Teacher Opposes Prohibition of Headscarves

A Swedish Teacher Opposes Prohibition of Headscarves (photo Special)

Stockholm, MINA – Naouel Aissaoui, a Muslim teacher in Sweden, opposes a ban on headscarves that she also wears.

Aissaoui was involved in conversations with Moderate Party member Loubna Stensaker Goransson, who supported the ban on headscarves in local schools. Goransson also linked the veil to the oppression of women and religious doctrine.

Goransson banned veiled people from living in a secular country because the veil was considered a medieval culture.

“You cannot come to a secular country and live with medieval values,” Goransson said, thus quoted from Republika on Thursday, March 5.

“I feel confident and strong with my faith that says there is a God greater than the city of Skurup and this decision,” Aissaoui said in Breitbart on Tuesday.


Aissaoui was surprised by Goransson’s attitude, given the fact that Goransson also came from an immigrant background and a Muslim.

“It feels very strange, in fact an immigrant, a Muslim, a woman. He should understand us better and more respect. Move aside, if that bothers you. Moving from Skurup or from Sweden. This is my country too,” he said.

Aissaoui’s remarks came after a report claimed an area in the Swedish city of Boras had been Islamized in recent years after large numbers of Somali migrants came to the area.

According to the report, not only Somalis were in the area, but one-year-old children had been seen wearing headscarves. In 2018, another report brought by the Goteborgs Posten newspaper claimed some preschools forced children to wear veils. (T/RE1)

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