“Rabeg and Sate Bandeng Festival” Shows Culinary Icon in Cilegon

Cilegon, MINA – The Cilegon City Government through the Cilegon City Cooperatives and UMK Office held the 2021 “Cilegon Rabeg & Sate Bandeng Festival”. The event which is held for the first time in Cilegon was carried out in order to strengthen Rabeg and Sate Bandeng as Culinary Icons in the city of Cilegon.

Dwi Woro, as the head of the event organizer said, the event will be held for 2 days, starting from 12-13 November 2021 at the Cilegon Mayor’s Office House. It will be opened by the Head of the Service, Rasmi Widyani.

The event will shows various activities such as: FunRobic, Talkshow, product photo competition, and Cilegon Rabeg and satay cooking competition.

Dwi Woro, who is also the treasurer of the Mitra Berkarya Cooperative (KMB), invites MSMEs and the general public in Cilegon to take an active role and enliven the event in order to nourish, familiarize MSME actors, and make Rabeg and Sate Bandeng as Culinary Icons Typical of Cilegon City, which will be much sought after by tourists.

The main event of the Cilegon Rabeg and Sate Bandeng Festival is a competition between the rabeg master and the milkfish satay master whose participants are Cilegon MSME actors with rabeg and milkfish satay products representing 8 sub-districts in Cilegon.

The event will be closed with an appreciation night for MSMEs in Cilegon which will be attended by the Mayor of Cilegon, Helldy Agustian and Deputy Mayor Sanuji Pentamarta. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)