Qatar to Distribute Gaza Aid Through UN

Doha, MINA – Qatar announced on Friday will deliver their aid for people ini Gaza through United Nation (UN).

This happen due to Hamas announced their refusal to accept the third aid of Qatar because of uncertainty over the policy of the Israeli authority.

Qatar’s Ambassador to the Gaza Strip, Mohammed Al-Emadi said that his country would channel millions of dollars humanitarian projects in full coordination with the United Nations.

The first agreement package, worth $20 million, will be signed with the UN on Monday, he told reporters in Gaza City, The New Arab reported, quoted by MINA.

The details about plan so far is not clear and there are no direct comments from the United Nations.

Under the informal agreement reached in November 2018, the $90 million of Qatar’s assistance will be transferred with six monthly installments to Hamas.

Two disbursements worth $15 million have been sent to Hamas so far. While the third phase of aid distribution, due this week, was blocked by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli leader took the decision after two shooting incidents along the Gaza-Israel border, where an Israeli soldier was lightly wounded by Palestinian gunfire. Then, Israeli tanks responsed the incident by killing a Hamas fighter.

Israeli authorities finally surrendered and gave the green light to transfer the pending third aid fund.

But Hamas announced on Thursday they would not accept it because they did not want to be played by Israel, which continued to oppose the points of the ceasefire agreement.

Hamas accused Israel by adding a condition that is not covered by the November agreement and deliberately playing politics with the aid funds before the April elections.(T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)