Palestine Election Participants Estimated Three Million Peoples

Ramallah, MINA – The number of participants Palestine general election in 2021 in the country is estimated at around three million people.

The Election Commission last week recorded 2,4 million voters inside Palestine, a rate of nearly 85%, according to figures from the Central Election Commission in Palestine. Quds Press reported, February 16.

Meanwhile, didn’t announced that Palestinians who are abroad will participate in the elections.

The registration process includes Legislative Council elections, scheduled for May 22, and presidential elections for July 31.

This commission is working on voter registration until midnight due to the increasing demand for information and registration centers, implementing electronic registration, as well as giving citizens more opportunities to register.

The statement added “This includes the extension of working hours at constituency offices, information and registration centers, and implementing electronic registrations on election commission websites.” (T/Hju/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)