Multicultural Society in Azerbaijan Live Peaceful in Harmony

Photo: Abdullah/MINA

Jakarta, MINA – Azerbaijan Ambassador to Indonesia Jalal Mirzayev said his country had a multicultural society and they all live peacefully in harmony.

“We have a multicultural society. We have a lot of ethnic groups in Azerbaijan. We never make a difference in ethnicity and religion. We did not make it a problem and never make a difference,” Ambassador Mirzayev said in a excludive interview with MINA at the Azerbaijan Embassy, ​​Jakarta on Tuesday.

He said his country had two Sunni and Shia Muslim groups, but that also did not create significant problems in his country. Because all live in togetherness and do not discriminate between one another.

“We have as you say about Sunnis and Shias, but we have never felt that I am Sunni and I am Shia. Really we do not differentiate,” he said.

According to him, that is power. Where all people live in harmony and peace.

“That is our strength, where we live in harmony and peace, all of which are ethnic groups, both minorities living in Azerbaijan. We make Azerbaijan stronger and have no problems,” he explained.

He stressed that in his country there was no division, even the leaders of his country tried to create a peaceful life.

“We have never felt from activities that say who is Sunni, who is Shia. Even Azerbaijan is the pioneer that hosting intercultural dialogue. We hold an inter-cultural dialogue once a year in Azerbaijan, this event invites all Muslims, Jews and Orthodox, they all come to Azerbaijan,” Ambassador Mirzayev said.

In the dialogue, the Ambassador said, they had to exchange views. The divergence view on some of the relevant methods is the most important that Azerbaijan is the host country for this dialogue.

“There can never be divisions like Sunnis and Shia.I don’t know what it means to be Sunni and Shia, as I know that we are all Muslim, we must be proud,” he said.

“We are Muslims and we must act as Muslims according to what I believe,” Ambassador Mirzayev added. (L/R6/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)