Israeli Occupation Extravagantly Impose Strict Punitive Measures on Palestinian Prisoners

Gaza, MINA – The Israeli occupation authorities imposed punitive measures on Palestinian prisoners in all prisons today, Tuesday, in response to the escape of six Palestinian prisoners yesterday.

The Prisoners Information Office said that there is great tension prevailing in all the prisons of the “Israeli” occupation, stressing that the prisons are going into deteriorating situations and dangerous escalation in light of the punitive measures imposed by the “Israel” prison administration on the Palestinian  prisoners.

According to the statement issued by the office, the occupation prisons administration decided to reduce the duration of the break for prisoners to one hour, reducing the number of prisoners in the prison yards, closing the cantina and sections of Islamic Jihad prisoners, and distributing them among the prisons.

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These strict punitive measures come after six prisoners from Jenin city, northern occupied West Bank, managed to escape Gilboa Prison, at dawn yesterday, through a tunnel they dug.

Gilboa Prison, from which the six Palestinian prisoners were able to escape, is highly guarded and the most secure among the occupation prisons. This prison houses Palestinian leaders and important figures. (L-K-G/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)