17 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Assaults Assaults

Kabul, Afghanistan, MINA — Taliban rebels have stormed a number of checkpoints, killing at least 17 security personnel, in Afghanistan’s western Farah province bordering Iran, an official confirmed on Saturday.

According to provincial council member Jameela Amini, the rebels killed 17 soldiers in coordinated assaults on checkpoints in Dehzak in the Bala Bulook district. She told Anadolu Agency the rebels also stole arms, ammunition, and military vehicles.

The provincial governor announced they had launched investigations into the raids.

Earlier in May, Farah’s provincial capital, Farah city, briefly fell to the Taliban after deadly clashes. Storming Farah become a major achievement for the Taliban, who resumed their annual al-Khandaq spring offensives after a brief and unprecedented cease-fire last month.

Separately, locals in the Paktia province are urging the government to probe the alleged mass killings of civilians in the Zurmat district. Afghan forces announced they had killed up to 80 Taliban rebels in the province on Thursday.  (T/RS5/RS1)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)

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