Although Opened for Umrah, Entering Grand Mosque in Makkah Is Very Strict

Photo by SPA
Jakarta, MINA – The Chairman of the Association of Special Umrah and Hajj Organizers (Himpuh), Baluki Ahmad, said that although Saudi Arabia stated that the Umrah had been opened but access to the Grand Mosque is very strict.
Everything is completely regulated and Saudi Arabia is very careful with ordinary pilgrims and Umrah so that the Covid-19 pandemic does not spread or to create new clusters in the Grand Mosque in Makkah.
Until Yesterday, Umrah was already opened. But the pilgrims have been very limited. Never mind the Umrah pilgrims who come from outside Makkah, the Makkah people themselves when they will visit the Grand Mosque are still not free, ” said Baluki Ahmad, in Jakarta as quoted from Ihram.
Baluki told that in his conversation with Makkah residents directly via telephone last night, they said that entry to the Grand Mosque was still limited. Not only the number of people who have to register via the application, the time is also determined.
When Makkah people enter the Grand Mosque, they now have to go through a lot of checking procedures.
So let alone foreigners, Makkah people themselves are not comfortable when they visit Makkah. And for Umrah organizers, this situation indicates that the conditions are still not conducive, ” he said.
According to Baluki, from a source owned by the Saudi Arabian government, it was not clear when the Umrah could be done a little more freely.
“The Saudi government has yet to give the signs. We will see until next January whether Indonesian pilgrims can perform Umrah or not. I haven’t yet, ” he said. (T/RE1)
Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)
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