Taipei Halal Tourism Targets 400 Thousand of Indonesian Tourists

Taipei Halal Tourism (photo: special)

Taipei, MINA – Taipei City Government is targeting 400 thousand tourists from Indonesia. They offer food, lodging, and convenient facilities for Muslim tourists when visiting the capital of Taiwan.

“Last year’s visit was 210 thousand people, this year the target is 420 thousand tourists from Indonesia,” Taipei City Government Tourism and Communication Bureau Chief Liu Yi-Ting said in Jakarta on Friday, September 20 as quoted from Republika.

Liu explained Taipei Government was also targeting 300 thousand workers from Indonesia who came to Taiwan to take a vacation. Halal tourism launched by Taipei covers the provision of food, lodging, and provision of places of worship in public spaces, such as at MRT stations and hospitals.

The party that issues halal certificates for all of these facilities is Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association.

“So, in every halal restaurant, there will be a halal logo from Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association. So, if there is a logo, then Muslims can travel comfortably in Taipei, “said Liu.

In addition, there are several applications that can be used as a halal travel guide in Taipei, one of which was developed by Indonesian students in Taiwan.

“There is an application called Halal, made by Indonesian students in Taiwan. Inside is a Global Positioning System (GPS) to find out where halal restaurants and places of worship. There is also a variety of information that can be known from there, “said Liu.

Liu added that Taipei Government intends to build a good city with a friendly environment. To that end, the Taipei government asks restaurants and hoteliers to obtain halal certification.

In addition, he also added that there are ablution facilities and prayer rooms for Muslims.

“Through the available facilities, all Taipei visitors will enjoy the beauty of Taipei safely and comfortably,” he said. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)