Israeli Occupation Navy Attack, Detain Palestinian Fishermen Offshore Northern Gaza

Gaza, MINA – The Israeli occupation warships assaulted Palestinian fishermen offshore southern Gaza and confiscated their boats this morning, Monday, MINA Contributor in Palestine reported.

Local media sources announced today, Monday that the Israeli Navy confiscated two Palestinian fishing boats offshore the southern Gaza Strip and detained the fishermen on board.

The sources pointed out that the Israeli Navy stopped during the night two Palestinian fishing boats offshore the southern Gaza Strip, confiscated them, detained the Palestinian fishermen, and turned them around for investigation.

Under the Israeli blockade, Palestinian fishermen are subjected to daily attacks by Israeli gunboats stationed several nautical miles off the Gaza shore.

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Last October, the Israeli navy carried out 54 attacks against Palestinian fishermen and their fishing materials in the Gaza Strip. (LKG/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)