Israel Threatens to Evict 6,000 Palestinians in Wadi Al-Hummos

View of the wall separating the Wadi Al Hummos area (photo: Wafa)

Bethlehem, MINA – Israel plans to dismantle 100 residential areas of Wadi Al-Hummos residents in the West Bank.

The demolition could result in 6,000 Palestinians being displaced, meaning that could be the biggest migration since 1967.

According to the Wafa News Agency report, on Tuesday July 9, Israel argued that their buildings were considered too close to the wall. Israel gave a deadline of July 18 to evacuate the area.

Exactly in 2005, Israeli occupation authorities began building an apartheid wall separating Jerusalem and Bethlehem. This made worsen residents of Wadi al-Hummos, a settlement of Palestinians in the southeast city of occupied Jerusalem.

The 6,000-dunum settlement is in two parts, half of which includes the Jerusalem area (Israeli authorities) and the other half is in the West Bank area (Palestinian authority) whose borders are from Sur Baher to Beit Sahour and other nearby villages in the district of Bethlehem.

The head of service committee of Wadi Al-Hummos, Hamada Hamada said, their buildings are in Palestinian Authority (PA) area as in Oslo agreement which classified West Bank into area A under Palestinian authority, B under Palestinian and Israeli authorities, and C under Israeli full authority.

However, Israeli city government in West Jerusalem refused to acknowledge that the land is under PA control and do not give them assistance. Every time they ask for service, the city government will tell him to go and get it from PA.

“All buildings have official permits by the local government in Bethlehem,” he said, pointing to poor living conditions due to the absence of infrastructure from sewage, water and even road networks, and chaos of construction process.

Hamada noted that many people were threatened with revoking their Israeli population cards and thus prevented from receiving medical services at Israeli hospitals.

This emphasizes, many citizens face serious difficulties in registering their children on population cards and that there are a number of youth, boys and children, including those aged over 22, who still do not have civil documents.

“My daughter is now three years old and she is still without legal documents. He only has a birth certificate without numbers, “Hamada said.

“There is a clear policy to vacate the area so that it becomes an extension of surrounding settlements. I personally pay $600 for national health insurance, as required by Israeli law, but I do not receive any services in return, “Hamada added. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)