Governor Anies Affirms Jakarta as a Global City

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Jakarta, MINA – Governor Anies Baswedan affirmed that Jakarta as a global city representing Indonesia in the eyes of the international community.

“At the age of 495th, we want to echo the message that Jakarta is a global city, a city that stands on par with other big cities in the world, a city that does not hesitate to represent Indonesia in the eyes of the world,” he said as quoted from Beritajakarta on Saturday.

He explained that several factors that made Jakarta worthy a global city. First, public facilities that are on par with other world cities. When foreigners visit Jakarta, they can find international standard facilities such as, stadium, cultural arts building, trainstations, bus stops, sidewalks, health services, public transportation, and many more.

The second is because of the use of advanced digital system and technology in Jakarta’s public services. One of them is JAKI, a super app that contains of many public services. It really helps Jakartans to get through the pandemic. Also JakLingko, which plays an important role in the live of residents, especially for integrated public transportation services.

“The third is because of various global events are held in Jakarta. The one that just finished successfully was Formula E. It was held for the first time in Southeast Asia and it instantly broke the record for the most spectators in Formula E history. Thank you for all people who have watched it. This year, we will also host the Urban 20 Summit, which is the association of the world’s big cities, and Jakarta is the host,” he explained.

The fourth is because the global recognition given to Jakarta. One of them is that Jakarta managed to get recognition as a city with the best public transportation development and won the 2021 Sustainable Transport Award.

Various information system and application were carried out in collaboration with all parties and won world champions by defeating various innovations from other countries. This not only made Jakarta proud, but also Indonesia.

“Lastly, and most importantly, Jakarta can be called a global city because its residents are global citizens who are able to be good hosts for all guests who come to Jakarta. For example, the Betawian people who have always been able to be a good host for those who come to the capital city, both from across the archipelago and around the world,” he continued.

In addition, he also added that Jakarta residents are global citizens because their works are not only make the city proud, but also their country. They are citizens who will promote Jakarta to be a developed and sustainable city and continue to encourage progress, unity, and justice.

“Therefore, allow me to celebrate the Jakarta’s anniversary for expressing my gratitude to all people who live and work in Jakarta, to all residents of Jakarta. A city is nothing without you. Actually, the transformation of Jakarta into a global city is because all of you. Tonight, we present it to you, Jakartans. Thank you,” he said.

The peak of Jakarta Hajatan was celebrated in a grand and epic way. It was enlivened by famous performers with 70,000 spectators who thronged the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). (R/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)