Indonesian Muslim Students Develop Cafe Waiter Robot

photo: Religion Ministry

Padang, MINA – Indonesian women Muslim students of Diniyah Putri Padang Panjang have succeeded in developing an innovation in the form of a cafe waiter robot.

In a press release from the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia on Friday, the robot can carry out the work normally done by the waiter such as delivering food and drinks and transferring orders to the counter.

The robot that runs on wheels can also avoid tables and chairs or other objects that get in the way.

“In the midst of the pandemic and the issue of early marriage, a generation of female students emerged who showed evidence of their clever achievements in the Koran and sophisticated in technology,” explained the Director of Diniyah Education and Islamic Boarding School Waryono Abdul Ghofur who was present virtually at the inauguration of the “Arfa” Robotic Cafe owned by Perguruan Diniyah Putri Padang Panjang on Thursday.

“Women must be seen as a complement not a supplement in the tradition of tafaqquh fiddin and mastery of technology,” he continued.

“This extraordinary innovation was born in the first Diniyah Putri College in Asia, even in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic. We hope that Diniyah Putri College will become an example of the enforcement of the educational function, the function of preaching, and the function of community empowerment,” he hoped.

The Diniyah Putri Padang Panjang College was founded by Rahmah El Yunusiyyah in 1923. She was one of the main figures who supported the 1928 Youth Pledge.

Since its establishment until now, Diniyah Putri College has continued to develop and excel. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)