Report: Israeli Forces Commit 20 Violations Toward Gaza fishermen during July

Gaza, MINA – The lobbying and advocacy department in the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, and through its fishermen’s committees, monitored 20 violations committed by the Israeli occupation forces against fishermen in the Gaza Strip during the month of July.

According to the report, the occupation forces practiced multiple violations, firing metal and rubber bullets, fired rocket-propelled grenades, and pumped wastewater towards the fishermen’s boats with the aim of drowning them and destroying their boats. Thus quoted by Quds Press on Thurday, August 6.

The report said: The Israeli occupation forces are practicing these violations and abuses on a daily basis against fishermen inside the sea, with the aim of terrorizing them and instilling fear in their hearts, leading to denying them entry to the sea and cutting off their only source of livelihood.

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According to the Pressure and Follow-up Department, these violations resulted in the arrest of 4 fishermen at sea within the permitted marine area, and they are all of the fishermen: Khaled al-Bardawil, Wadih al-Bardawil, Imad al-Bardawil, and the fisherman Muhammad Siyam, and they were released after 12 days of arrest.

The report stated that two boats belonging to fishermen Khaled and Imad al-Bardawil were confiscated, who were arrested in the same event, in addition to destroying fishing nets belonging to the boats of the fishermen, Adel al-Sharif and Bassam Kaskin.

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees stressed the need to expose the daily attacks and ongoing violations inside the sea against fishermen, and to transfer them to the largest local and international human rights platforms, in order to achieve protection for these fishermen, in preserving their only source of livelihood. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)