White House to Announce Its Position’s Annexation Plan in Next 45 Days

Tel Aviv, MINA – Israeli Hebrew newspaper al-Yaum revealed that the White House will announce its position on the issue of Israeli annexation to large areas of the West Bank within the next 45 days.

The newspaper on Sunday said, quoting officials at the White House, who told the President of the American Zionist Organization, Morton Klein, that Washington would issue a decision regarding its approval or rejection.

“The possibility of Washington approving the sovereignty plan is more than 50 percent,” said the unnamed official. Quds Press reports.

The US government supports the annexation of most of the occupied West Bank, provided that it is done in coordination with it, and the approval of the Blue & White party, the Likud party partner in the current government coalition.

Israel’s plan includes annexing the Jordan Valley, and all settlements in the West Bank, will reach more than 30 percent of the occupied West Bank. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)