MER-C Indonesia Send Trauma Team for Lombok Earthquake

Jakarta, MINA –  .Responding to the magnitude 7 earthquake that rocked the tourist resort of Lombok Island, the emergency agency Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) Indonesia has sent a Trauma Team to bring relief to the plight of victims in the disaster response phase.

MER-C Operational Manager, Rima Manzaris said the first team of three people consisting of a doctor, member of  one nurse and one logistical staff, had departed from Jakarta to Lombok tonight (6/8).

“The Advance Team that has been moving today is led directly by the member of MER-C Presidium Dr. Arif Rahman SpRed, with members are Dr. Miftahul Masruri, Dr. “Akita Rukmana Akbar, Kipa Jundapri, S.Kep, Ners., And Widi Kusnadi,” Rima told MINA, Monday night (6/8).

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Meanwhile, the special team that specifically arranges ticket delivery will depart on Tuesday (7/8).

Rima said, the surgical team was a combination of the MER-C team, (PABOI) Jaya (Indonesian Orthopedic Surgeon Association) and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

The surgical team that will leave Tuesday around 18.15 WIB consists of 9 doctors and 1 nurse. Namely Dr. Yogi Prabowo, SpOT (MER-C / Paboi), Dr. Indragiri, SpAn (MER-C), Dr. Lia Rahmarini (MER-C), Islamiyah Samaun (MER-C), Dr. Dwi Purnomo, Setyo, SpOT (Paboi), Dr. Mohamad Sadabaskara, SpOT (Paboi), Dr. Basuki Adam, SpOT (Paboi), Dr. Zecky Eko Triwahyudi (FKUI / Paboi), Dr. Muhammad Deryl Ivansyah (FKUI / Paboi), and Dr. Fahmi Anshori (FKUI / Paboi).

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Meanwhile, another group of volunteers from MER-C who joined the logistics team since Sunday (5/8) continued to provide medical devices for traumatic emergency activities and surgical operations    (LT/R04/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA) 

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