Arab Activists Widely Praise Kuwaiti Player’s Refusal to Play with Israeli

_Photo of the Kuwaiti player Mohammed Al-Otaibi (photo: M Shaaban/MINA)

Jerusalem, MINA – Arab activists and Anti-Israel boycott movements praised the withdrawal of Kuwaiti player Muhammad Al-Otaibi, from the World Karate League, refusing to play with an Israeli player, MINA’s Contributor in Palestine reported on Saturday.

The activists considered that the player, by refusing to play with Israeli player, proved the authenticity of the Kuwaiti people and their always supportive positions towards the Palestinian cause.

Kuwaiti athletes repeatedly refuse, in various sports competitions, to play with Israeli players, in line with Kuwait’s official position that rejects normalization with the Israeli occupation.

Last May, the Kuwaiti Paralympic Committee announced the withdrawal of Kuwaiti player Kholoud Al-Mutairi from an international wheelchair fencing championship held in Thailand, in refusal to meet an Israeli player.

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The Kuwaiti chess team player, Bader Al-Hajri, also refused to face an Israeli player, in the competitions of the “Sunway” International Chess Championship, in Spain.

It’s Last noteworthy that the Kuwaiti National Assembly (Parliament) unanimously approved last year a draft law prohibiting normalization with the Israeli occupation.

According to Kuwaiti law, the Israel occupation is considered an Illegal hostile state, and natural and legal Kuwaiti people are prohibited to go into agreements or deals with bodies or individuals residing in “Israel” or belonging to it by their nationality or working for it or for its benefit. (LKG/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)