the Deputy Speaker of the Kuwait National Assembly- The Brunei Times
Deputy Speaker of the Kuwait National Assembly, Mubarak Bunaya Al-Khurainij. (Photo: The Brunei Times)

Bandar Seri Begawan, 9 Sha’ban 1435/7 June 2014 (MINA)- Brunei’s move to carry out the Islamic law could potentially lead to another strengthening of the bilateral ties with Kuwait, said Mubarak Bunaya Al-Khurainij the Deputy Speaker of the Kuwait National Assembly.

“In Kuwait, we have a high committee (in charge of the law) and we wish for Brunei Darussalam to have a committee too,” said Mubarak, The Brunei Times quoted by Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) as reporting.

He said that this would allow both countries to work together towards more mutual understanding on the issue, since both Brunei and Kuwait shared Islamic values.

The move to implement the Islamic law, said the deputy speaker, was an internal decision made by Brunei and this should be respected by other countries.

“Therefore, international communities should see the reasons behind Brunei’s decision to apply the law and they should respect it, and we also wish for Brunei Darussalam to handle the issue carefully and wisely” he said.

The ties between Brunei and Kuwait were historical ties that were built upon mutual respect, adding compliments to Brunei’s positive stances to issues related to the Arab world, he added.

“The last visit made by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince to Kuwait initiated a new face of bilateral relationship between both countries, especially in finding ways to enhance more bilateral cooperation,” he said, adding that their visit to the Sultanate was also an outcome of His Royal Highness’ visit earlier this year.

InsyaAllah, maybe in the future, more agreements will be signed between both countries,” said the deputy speaker.

He added, that the Kuwait delegation will also hold a meeting with the Brunei Investment Agency (BIA).

This is the first official visit by Kuwait to Brunei since bilateral relations between the countries was established in 1990, he said. (T/Nidiya/E01)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)

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