US Muslim Immigrants Breathe After Travel Restrictions Lifted

photo: Iqna

Washington, MINA – United States (US) Muslim immigrants and civil rights advocates breathed a sigh of relief after President Joe Biden lifted the policy of limiting the arrival of citizens from a number of Muslim-majority countries or known as “Muslim Tires”.

Muslim Ban has separated thousands of Muslim families in the US since being expelled by former President Donald Trump, a week in office, as quoted from iqna news on Monday.

The upcoming national security adviser, Jack Sullivan, explained that the Muslim Ban, which limits the issuance of visas to a number of Muslim and African countries is a “stain on our nation”.

“The policy is rooted in xenophobia and hatred on the basis of religion,” he said in an explanation to the media regarding President Biden’s policies.

Ramez Alghazzouli, a Syrian immigrant who has been separated from his wife for a year due to travel restrictions, said the removal felt like someone had finally pulled out a large rock that had sat on his chest for years.

But he said Biden’s executive actions could not repair the damage caused by the policy, which critics denounced as racist, absurd and inhuman.

“The restrictions themselves will be lifted, but nothing can reverse our feelings and emotions and the time lost when we are separated from each other,” Alghazzouli said.

Over the past four years, more than 41,000 visa applications have been rejected because of the restrictions. The policy also prevents life-saving operations for individuals from restricted countries, while also limiting thr US health care workers alone during the pandemic. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)